Solar Urban for Students

PVMD – Photovoltaic Materials and Devices

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Students find it fascinating to work in the PVMD group, improving the performance of solar cells and developing photovoltaic systems for new applications, such as charging electrical cars and bicycles. Part of this experience is created at the PVLAB (Photovoltaics Laboratory) with unique practical courses for students. 

Working with real system components, taking measurements and performing analysis, is at the heart of the educational experience. For that reason, the PVLAB is equipped with the latest measurement equipment, off the shelf system components, and a full size certified solar simulator.

Graduation projects are part of outstanding world-class research in areas such as photovoltaic electricity generation; fabrication and characterization of new energy materials; design, fabrication and testing of highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly components such as solar cells, converters and electro-mechanical machines; and design and optimization of complete electricity power systems with novel smart grid architectures and system-performance monitoring.

The students contribute with their project results to the realization the ESE department vision: reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity for everyone.

The demand for engineers with high-quality education in electrical power engineering is increasing and therefore the students easily find a good job or start their own company.

CDS – Climate Design and Sustainability

Faculty of Architecture

The section Climate Design educates students in the fields of Climate Design in general with fundamental knowledge of Building Physics (heat, air and moisture, sound, light, sun and wind) and of building services engineering (installation concepts and components). All this knowledge is placed within a context of sustainable building design. The aim is to achieve healthy, comfortable and low-energy buildings. The section is responsible for all education in these topics at the faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering & Geosciences of TU Delft. Moreover, it participates in interdepartmental and inter-university master's degree courses, like Industrial Ecology.