Hackathon 14-15 November 2019, Trip to Sheffield

The Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER), at Sheffield Hallam University will again be running their annual Hackathon. The event is designed to bring together master’s students from Sheffield Hallam University, TU Delft, and TU Chemnitz, who will compete in mixed groups in the Hackathon 2018 Challenge.
Students will be challenged to design, make, and race miniature gravity racers on a purpose built track within the CSER laboratories. Alongside the main Hackathon event, campus and lab tours will be organised, and more social events.

When: 14-15 November 2019 (return flight 16 November)
Where: Centre for Sports Engineering Research Laboratories, Sheffield, UK
Event to run from the afternoon of Thursday 15 Nov
Further information

  • Travel and sleeping will be arranged by Sports Engineering Institute
  • Costs: ±€90 (incl. Travel & Stay)


  • Thursday 14 November
  • Arrival of visiting students, welcome to the university and a tour of campus/facilities
  • CSER welcome, formation of teams, quick team building activity, Hackathon event briefing
  • Social activity - to be led by Sheffield Students
  • Friday 15 November
  • Arrival of teams
  • Teams meet with mentors, and move to designated work areas
  • planning, prep and initial design phase. Teams also prepare a presentation of their design and accompanying calculations.
  • Teams present designs to mentors, feedback and advice given. Team is given materials for task.
  • Teams co-ordinate and prepare for build
  • Initial build phase
  • Test rig made available for use
  • Final build phase, refinements and improvements
  • Competition testing and prize giving
  •  Saturday 16 November
  • Return to Delft                                                                                                         

Like to join?

Send your motivation letter (¼ A4) and CV to sportsengineering@tudelft.nl