Synthetic Biology, DreamTeam


The TU Delft iGEM DreamTeam participates in the biggest international competition on synthetic biology, called iGEM. Synthetic biology is combination of biology and engineering. This year, over 300 teams compete in this competition. The goal of the iGEM competition is to tackle a real world problem, with the help of synthetic biology. We want to developing an efficient detection method for gene doping.  

Gene doping is the misuse of gene therapy. The addition of specific genes, such as EPO to the athlete‚Äôs body can improve his or her sport performances. This has been forbidden. by the Word Anti Doping Agency (WADA)  since 2003. The WADA has not implemented an efficient and robust detection method for this new way of doping yet. This year we are making an efficient and robust detection method with the use of synthetic biology. At the end of October we will present our results in Boston at the iGEM Giant Jamboree.  

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