Aero & Hydrodynamics, DreamTeam


WASUB  takes up the challenge to design and build a human-powered submarine. This year our main goal is to break the world speed record during the International Submarine Race in the USA, where we participate in the one-person, propeller driven category. The race consists of a 100m sprint and takes place in a huge military basin. The close collaboration between WASUB, knowledge institutes such as the TU Delft and numerous companies results in a strong core with a lot of knowledge and experience to achieve our goal.

In the WASUB team the interface between the technical design and the human aspects is very challenging, which is why there is a lot possible in pilot optimization on top of the technical developments.   This year the WASUB team consists of 7 fulltime and 15 part-time TU Delft students, in the range from second year bachelor to master students. To perform all team tasks, there is a great diversity of backgrounds present, so students come from a lot of different faculties: Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering,  Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management and Industrial Design. Together we will design and build a new submarine and prepare the WASUB V for the race.

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