Perfect Basketball Wheelchair


September 2014, Annemarie de Witte and Rienk van der Slikke started their research PhD within the research programme “the perfect sports wheelchair”. In this programme they will search for ways to optimize athlete-wheelchair interaction and improve sports performance. Annemarie will approach this issue, viewed from the athlete’s perspective and Rienk will approach it considering the wheelchair properties and settings. In the first year Annemarie and Rienk developed different methods for reliable estimation of activity profiles and wheelchair kinematics during a basketball match. Once applied during a match, these methods provide insight in the athlete’s performance. This insight is, in turn, a prerequisite for performance optimization by evaluating the effect of athlete training and adjustments of wheelchair settings. The research project is guided by Monique Berger, DirkJan Veeger, Daan Bregman, Marco Hoozemans and Luc van der Woude.

Raak-Pro Project

Partners: Haagse Hogeschool, VU Amsterdam, NBB, Sofia Revalidatie, NOC*NSF, Motion Matters, SIA, Bobergo, UMCG, Reade, InnoSportNL


Monique Berger