Workshop Sports Aero- and Hydrodynamics

November 27th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central European Time (CET)

 I case you missed the workshop, please find the recordings of the presentations at the link:

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09:00*Workshop Opening
09:10Keynote Lecture
Prof.Bert Blocken (TU Eindhoven and KU Leuven): Drafting in cycling
10:10Coffee Break: SpatialChat


Cycling and Skating
Chair: Wouter Terra
10:20 Timothy Crouch (Monash University): A wind-tunnel case study: Insights into the steady and unsteady aerodynamics of cycling arm position
10:40Harm Ubbens (Team Sunweb): Aerodynamic research to boost the performance of Team Sunweb riders
11:00Alex Spoelstra (TU Delft): The Ring of Fire for on-site cycling aerodynamics
11:20Christophe Clanet (École Polytechnique): Physics of cycling descent
11:40Luca Oggiano (NTNU): From the mountains to the ocean (from a fluid dynamics perspective)
12:00Nando Timmer (TU Delft): The impact of skin suit zigzag tape turbulators on speed skating performance
12:20Lunch Break: SpatialChat


Ball aerodynamics
Chair: Andrea Sciacchitano
13:20Takeshi Asai (University of Tsukuba): Aerodynamic characteristics of soccer balls
13:40John Hart (Sheffield Hallam University): Understanding the influence of the vane in feather shuttlecocks 
14:00Bart Smith (Utah State University): Uncovering the unique mysteries of baseball aerodynamics
14:20Coffee Break: SpatialChat


Race Car aerodynamics
Chair: Gerrit Elsinga
14:30Robbie Stevens (Renault Sports Racing) : The importance of aerodynamic performance in Formula 1
14:50Daniele Giaquinta (Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team): Aerodynamics in F1: Overview of the aerodynamic development approach of a modern F1 Team
15:10Coffee Break: SpatialChat


Water Sports
Chair: Willem van de Water
15:20Daniel Marinho (Universidade da Beira Interior): Hydrodynamics in swimming: practical implications to enhance swimming performance
15:40Rajat Mittal (Johns Hopkins University): Insights from Computational Modeling of the Hydrodynamics of Competetive Swimming
16:00Willem van de Water (TU Delft): Will you swim more efficiently by cupping your hands?
16:20David Rival (Queen’s University): Towards instantaneous force reconstruction using sparse pressure sensors
16:40Jerry Westerweel (TU Delft): Hydrodynamics of Rowing
17:00Timothy Wei (Northwestern University): Leaving it All in the Pool: From Fundamental Fluids Experiments to Real-Time Coaching Tools
17:20Workshop closure


* All times are Central European Times (CET)