A. (Adhyanth) Giri Ajay

A. (Adhyanth) Giri Ajay



Adhyanth is a PhD candidate at the wind energy section of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He obtained a BE in Mechanical Engineering from SSN College of Engineering and Anna University (2018) and an MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University (2020). During his MS, he worked on various high-fidelity methods and reduced-order models for fluid dynamics simulations. His research focused on implementing Fast Fourier Transforms in a direct numerical simulation solver for compressible homogeneous turbulence. After his graduation, he worked as a researcher at the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras for 8 months. Over there, he developed a multi-phase interface capturing technique for compressible flow regimes for  FEST-3D - an open-source, structured, finite element CFD package.

Adhyanth currently investigates the aerodynamic and aeroelastic phenomena that arise in X-shaped Vertical Axis Wind Turbines through numerical methods. His research is a part of the broader EU-H2020 consortium titled  X-ROTOR, which consists University of Strathclyde, TU Delft, CENER, NTNU-Trondheim, University College Cork, and GEā€“Renewables as partners.

When not rambling about his research, Adhyanth can be found producing realistic pencil sketches, playing classical pieces on the piano, fiddling with photography, or wandering the world.

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