Dr.ir. A.P. (Bram) van den Eijnden



Bram is a postdoc in the Geo-Engineering section, combining teaching activities with research related to numerical modelling, geotechnical uncertainty quantification and geotechnical reliability.

Bram graduated in 2010 from Delft University of Technology with an MSc degree in Applied Earth Science and obtained a joint PhD degree from Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and Université de Liège (Belgium) in 2015 on the thesis “Multiscale modelling of the hydromechanical behaviour of argillaceous rocks”. He joined TU Delft in 2015 as a post-doc researcher on the Reliable Dykes project, working on numerical methods for geotechnical uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis.


   Bram’s main research topics are:

  • Multiscale finite element modelling of hydromechanical behaviour of soils and rocks
  • Geotechnical uncertainty quantification
  • Geotechnical reliability analysis

Educational activities

Bram teaches the course   Numerical modelling for Geo-Engineering  and is involved in several other teaching activities within the section of Geo-Engineeering.


  • Reliable Dykes: Reliability-Based Geomechanical Assessment Tools for Dykes and Embankments in Delta Areas
  • SOFTTOP: Investigating heterogeneous soft top soils for wave propagation, cyclic degradation and liquefaction potential

2020 - Numerical Modelling in Geo-Engineering
2019 - Numerical Modelling in Geo-Engineering
2018 - Numerical Modelling in Geo-Engineering
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