A. Piccolo

A. Piccolo



Andrea studied Aerospace Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, focusing on the Fluid Dynamics field.

His Bachelor’s Degree thesis was in Numerical Gasdynamics, while the Master Thesis Final Work was in Experimental Aerodynamics. It concerned the Flow Control of wingtip vortices by means of actuation implemented with synthetic jets.

After the graduation, he attended a Post-graduate Program focused on the energy field held by Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with Eni, the Italian energy company.

His PhD, part of the MSCA ETN H2020 Zephyr Project focused on the effects of inflow conditions on the wind turbine performances, concerns the analysis and the modelling of leading-edge noise, that is the noise produced by the interaction of incoming turbulence with the turbine blade. 

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