A. (Andre) Pinto Ribeiro MSc

A. (Andre) Pinto Ribeiro MSc



André was born in Brazil, lived there for a couple of decades, studied in Italy for a year, lived in France for a bit, and then settled in Germany. His studies initially focused on structural design, but that quickly shifted to aerodynamics. First, of buildings and bridges, then wind turbines, and finally, aircraft. He’s been working on high fidelity simulations of all sorts of complex configurations for 10 years. The next logical step then, was of course, a PhD on panel methods. He works at Dassault Systems, where some of his active research activities are on aeroacoustics of slats and supersonic aircraft at low speeds. At TU Delft, he is developing a panel method with free wakes to be used for all sorts of rotating blades, potentially for maneuvers and FSI. He’s a dad, a husband, a guitar player, and very chatty.

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