Dr. A.M.H. (Anne) Pluymakers

Dr. A.M.H. (Anne) Pluymakers



My research is in experimental rock mechanics and associated 2D and 3D microstructural analysis, with a strong focus on thermo-hydro-mechano-chemical (THMC) fluid-rock interaction. How do mechanical and transport properties of rocks change by the presence and type of fluid at realistic in-situ conditions? Or in other words: how, when and why do rocks break, and what is the effect of the fluids nearby? 


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Assistant Professor Experimental Fluid-Rock Interaction at CiTG TU Delft (current)

Postdoctoral Researcher Experimental Rock Mechanics at CiTG TU Delft (2018 - 2020)

Postdoctoral Researcher Fluid-Rock interactions at University of Oslo (2015 - 2017)


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