Dr. B. (Boram) Kim

Dr. B. (Boram) Kim


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Research focus

Housing justice, housing policy, right to housing, social justice, capability approach, evaluation approach, community-driven housing process, the social role of architects/planners and their movements

PhD research

PhD research focused on housing justice, inequality and policy. This research investigated the questions of how to promote the moral values tied to housing, such as human rights, dignity and freedom, and how to better enable people to access suitable housing, Answering these questions, my thesis argued for an ambitious paradigm shift in housing policy by applying the capability approach. The dissertation is entitled "Housing Justice as Expansion of People's Capabilities" and proposes basic principles to guide housing policies and evaluation approaches to address housing inequalities, the inequalities in what people can do to pursue their suitable housing options and how well they are actually residing. 

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Before the PhD study, with the academic background of BSc Architecture and Engineering, and MA International Development: Urban Development, for more than 10 years, my work has been dedicated to the field of housing policies and programmes for low-income and marginalised groups, in the cities of Asian countries including South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. As a practitioner and consultant, I have worked at architectural firms, NGOs, a philanthropic foundation, and bi- and multi-lateral agency including UN-Habitat.  As a community architect, I have worked for informal settlement communities and their rights to adequate housing through a community-driven approach. I am currently a co-founder and manager at the Architects for Society and People (ASP) (previously the Community Architects Network in Korea – CAN Korea).  



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Housing Policy, Social Justice, Housing Inequality, Urban Poverty, Informal settlements, Housing rights

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Ruimte: 08.01.West.550