Dr.ir. D.A.M. (Delphine) De Tavernier MSc

Dr.ir. D.A.M. (Delphine) De Tavernier MSc



Delphine De Tavernier is an assistant professor in the wind energy section at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. She completed her master’s degree at Delft University of Technology in 2016, with a focus on wind turbine aerodynamics. She proceeded her academic education at the same university where she completed her PhD research in 2021 on the aerodynamics of vertical-axis wind turbines.

Delphine’s research interest covers “unsteady aerodynamic interactions for wind turbines”, as a way to describe the interface of complex inflow on one hand and the rotor response on the other hand. The key application for this research is (extremely-) large floating wind turbines, where complex inflow arises from the atmospheric boundary layer but also from wakes or blade/rotor displacement due to aero-elastic defections and the floating motion. We aim to go from realistic inflow conditions to a realistic turbine’s reaction (loads, performance and turbine operations) and ultimately reflect the findings on the wind turbine design. The research is performed using a holistic approach in terms of scales and methods. 

Besides her research, Delphine is also interested in engaging with the general public about wind energy science and technology.


Delphine's area of research expertise is in the field of:

  • Unsteady aerodynamics
  • Rotor/wake aerodynamics
  • (Extremely-) large floating wind turbines

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