Prof.dr. E.M. van Bueren

Prof.dr. E.M. van Bueren


The following themes are central to the research and teaching of Ellen van Bueren:

  • Governance and management of integrated urban and infrastructure (re)development,
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration, coordination and decision-making (private-public-people partnerships)
  • Institutional drivers and barriers for decision-making
  • Transdisciplinary learning, living labs, urban experimentation

In particular she focuses on the following topics: 

  • Sustainable development, urban resilience
  • Circular economy, resource management
  • Energy transition, climate adaptation
  • Technological and infastructure innovation

 Ellen teaches in the following programmes:

  • Architecture (BSc.)
  • Management in the Built Environment (MSc. track in Architecture)
  • Industrial Ecology (joint MSc. TUDelft-Leiden University)
  • Master City Developer (MSc. for urban professionals, joint programme with Erasmus University)
  • MSc. MADE (Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

Elllen is involved in the following research and valorisation initiatives:

  • AMS - Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam, Principal Investigator
  • LDE Centre for Sustainability - Leiden-Delft-Erasmus collaboration focusing on circular economy and resource efficiency (daily board member)
  • DIMI - Delft Institute for Infrastructure and Mobility (board member)
  • Master City Developer (academic committee, board member)
  • Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (board member, member scientific committee)

Publications (selection): 

  • Ersoy, A., & van Bueren, E. (2020). Challenges of urban living labs towards the future of local innovation. Urban Planning5(4), 89-100.
  • Van den Berghe, K., Bucci Ancapi, F., & van Bueren, E. (2020). When a Fire Starts to Burn. The Relation Between an (Inter) nationally Oriented Incinerator Capacity and the Port Cities’ Local Circular Ambitions. Sustainability12(12), 4889.
  • Uyttebrouck, C., van Bueren, E., & Teller, J. (2020). Shared housing for students and young professionals: evolution of a market in need of regulation. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment35(4), 1017-1035.
  • Ersoy, A., Bryson, J., & Van Bueren, E. (2020). Unlocking values through infrastructure interdependencies. Infrastructure Asset Management, 1-10.
  • Bueren, E. van, H. van Bohemen, L. Itard and H. Visscher (eds.) (2012). Sustainable urban environments: an ecosystem approach, Dordrecht: Springer 
  • Bueren,  E. van, and Jong, J. de (2007). Establishing Sustainability: Policy Successes and Failures, Building Research & Information, 35(5), 543–556. 

Past editorial positions:

  • Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
  • Infrastructure Complexity
  • Bestuurskunde (Dutch Journal of Public Administration)

Recent research projects (2019-2020):

  • TransCiBo - Transitioning Behaviour in Construction for a Circular Transition (NWO)
  • Circular Urban Area Development (ACCEZ) 
  • CircuMat - Supporting the development of a regional circular economy (EIT Raw Materials)
  • World Bank Group - Developing a urban resilience evaluation framework 
  • City-zen - development of GO2Zero - serious game supporting the local energy transition / urban retrofitting (EU-FP7 project)
  • Development of a living lab methodology (in collaboration with AMS)

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