Dr.ir. F.A. Veer

Dr.ir. F.A. Veer





  • 2019-2-7

    Aanmoedigingsprijs/ Encouragement Award

    The TU Delft Glass and Transparency group received the Encouragement Glass Award from Bouwend Nederland. The award acknowledges the importance of fundamental academic glass research to develop new solutions for the future. Through the award, Bouwend Nederland wants to support the efforts from educational institutions towards glass innovations. The TU Delft Glass & Transparency research group consists of researchers from BK Bouwkunde and the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.
    Glas Award 2019

  • 2016-12-6

    AE+T Award for special achievements

    An award for the cutting-edge research on glass bricks, and the development and excellent use thereof in the Chanel "Crystal Houses" facade in Amsterdam.

  • 2016-12-1

    Façade2016: Innovation Award from the Society of Façade Engineering

    3rd international competition organised by the Society of Façade Engineering
    This international award on outstanding facade innovation was given by the Society of Facade Engineering to the research group of TU Delft and to the ABT structural engineers involved in the research and the development of the Crystal Houses facade.
    Commenting on Crystal Houses: “This is a beautifully crafted example of a small but precisely executed commercial building. The judges were impressed by the attention to detail and thorough research and engineering that went into the project.”
    The Glass Supper 2016

  • 2016

    Glas Award Innovatie 2016

    This award was given to the research group of TU Delft involved in the research, development and construction of the Crystal Houses facade, conjointly with ABT structural engineers, MVRDV Architects and Poesia.

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