F. Oikonomopoulou PhD MSc

F. Oikonomopoulou PhD MSc


Dr. ir. Faidra (Phaedra) Oikonomopoulou is Assistant Professor at the Structural Design & Mechanics Group in the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. Her research focuses on structural glass, in particular, on innovative structural and architectural applications of cast glass components and on the design of full-glass load-bearing structures and components.

Faidra holds a PhD degree by TU Delft (2019) on the topic of “Unveiling the Third Dimension of Glass. Solid Cast Glass Components and Assemblies for Structural Applications”, focusing on the design, development, prototyping and experimental validation of building systems utilizing solid cast glass components. She also holds two MSc degrees, in Architectural Engineering by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and in Building Technology by TU Delft.

Faidra has been one of the lead researchers involved in the research, development and construction of the Crystal Houses Façade in Amsterdam. As part of the research team of the Crystal Houses she has received multiple awards, including the Outstanding Innovation Award 2016 by the Society of Façade Engineers, the Glass Award for Innovation 2016 by Bouwend Nederland,  and the Talent met Toekomst 2017. She has been further involved in several structural glass projects including the development of a bundled glass column, LightVault, a robotically assembled glass-brick vault in collaboration with SOM and Princeton, and the realization of the Qaammat Pavilion, a small adhesively-bonded glass brick pavilion in Greenland.

She has further initiated or co-initiated research in topics such as the restoration of historic monuments by glass, the Topological Optimization of Cast Glass Structural Components, the exploration of 3D-printed sand moulds for casting customized glass components and Re3 Glass: a reversible system using recycled, interlocking cast glass components, achieving circularity at material and construction level. For its sustainable character, Re3 Glass has been a New Material Award (2018) and S+T+ARTS Prize (2020) nominee.

Prototypes of her research work have been exhibited in several international fairs and exhibitions, such as the Dutch Design Week, the Venice Design, the Salone del Mobile and the Vitra Design Museum. Faidra has received several grants, awards and nominations for her research work and has given multiple invited talks in universities, companies and institutions in Europe and USA. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Architecture, Structures & Construction by Springer Nature and the part of the scientific board of the International Conference on Structures and Architecture (ICSA).

Faidra is involved as a tutor in the MSc of Building Technology, in courses such as Technoledge Structural Design (course coordinator), SWAT and Research & Innovation. She is a structural design consultant for MSc Students of Architecture and a mentor in multiple MSc graduation thesis focusing on structural glass.

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  • 2021-12-1

    Best paper award 2020 Glass Structures & Engineering

    For the paper "Bristogianni, T., Oikonomopoulou, F., Yu, R., Veer, F.A., Nijsse, R.: Investigating the flexural strength of recycled cast glass. Glass Structures & Engineering 5(3), 445-487 (2020). doi:10.1007/s40940-020-00138-2 "

  • 2020

    S+T+ARTS Prize Nominee 2020

    STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice. As part of this initiative, the STARTS Prize awards the most pioneering collaborations and results in the field of creativity and innovation at the crossings of science and technology with the arts. The STARTS Prize of the European Commission is launched by Ars Electronica and the consortium partners BOZAR, Waag, INOVA+, T6 Ecosystems, French Tech Grande Provence and Frankfurter Buchmesse.

  • 2019-2-7

    Aanmoedigingsprijs/ Encouragement Award

    The TU Delft Glass and Transparency group received the Encouragement Glass Award from Bouwend Nederland. The award acknowledges the importance of fundamental academic glass research to develop new solutions for the future. Through the award, Bouwend Nederland wants to support the efforts from educational institutions towards glass innovations. The TU Delft Glass & Transparency research group consists of researchers from BK Bouwkunde and the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.
    Glas Award 2019

  • 2018-10

    Nomination for the New Material Award 2018

    The New Material Award is a joint venture between Stichting DOEN, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut. These organizations firmly believe in the potential of artists, designers and architects to play a vital role in initiating new developments in society, and devising sustainable responses to urgent issues facing us today. The New Material Award is on the cutting edge of science, design, art and technology. The prize aims to challenge participants to think beyond their own discipline in seeking solutions for the future. This ambition is also reflected in the submissions, which span a broad spectrum of innovative solutions in which functionality, aesthetics and sustainability go hand in hand.
    Dutch Design Week 2018

  • 2017-2-6

    Nederlandse Bouwprijs, Talent met Toekomst 2017

    This national award is given every two years to a talent in building engineering below 40 years old. This award was conjointly received together with ir. Telesilla Bristogianni from the CiTG faculty of TU Delft.
    Gala van de Nederlandse Bouw

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