Dr. H. (Hadi) Hajibeygi

Dr. H. (Hadi) Hajibeygi


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  • 2021

    The InterPore Award for Porous Media Research 2021

    The InterPore Award for Porous Media Research is given to mid-career researchers in recognition of outstanding research in general porous media, with emphasis on research conducted over the past 5 years. The nominees should have a maximum of 12 years research experience after completing their PhD.

  • 2019-5-24

    Vidi grant

    Research topic: Renewable energy (e.g. solar and wind) can be converted to green fuels (e.g. H2 and CH4) to be stored in large amounts (TWh) in subsurface geological formations. I provide a predictive simulation method for safe utilization of subsurface formations under cyclic injection and production of green fuels.

  • 2018-11-8

    Innovative Teaching Talent 2018

    Hadi Hajibeygi, assistant professor in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences has been elected Innovative Teaching Talent 2018. He lectures on the courses, Reservoir Simulation, Rock Fluid Physics and Advanced Reservoir Simulation, and set up the DARSIM research group.

  • 2012

    ETH Medal

    ETH phd Medal

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