J.A.W. (Jelle) Poland MSc

J.A.W. (Jelle) Poland MSc


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  • Leading-edge inflatable kite simulations and experiments


In 2022, Jelle Poland graduated from Aerospace Engineering with an MSc in Aerodynamics and started his PhD degree. The MSc thesis work on developing a fast soft kite wing deformation model forms the base of the PhD research. The funding comes mainly from NEON and partly from Kitepower B.V., an academic spin-off that operates in the emerging Airborne Wind Energy field.  In the PhD the  particle-system model developed during the MSc thesis   will be extended with an aerodynamic potential flow vortex-step method, experiments shall be done and the model will be applied to improve the annual energy production of the Kitepower leading-edge inflatable kites.

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