J. (Jatinder) Goyal

J. (Jatinder) Goyal



Jatinder is a researcher with an interest in numerical investigation of propeller-wing interactions  (aerodynamics and aeroacoustics). He did his bachelors in aerospace engineering from PEC University of Technology, India, in 2013-2017. Following his zeal to learn more, he pursued MSc with a specialization in aerodynamics from TU DELFT in 2017-2019. His MSc thesis was focused on the internal flow simulations of an air purifier to assess the effect of electrostatic and aerodynamic forces on the aerosol trajectory. He started his PhD with the wind energy group in 2020. In his PhD, he is focused on investigating the application of propellers in negative thrust regime to study the potential benefits such as decreased landing run, reduce landing noise under the EU funded project FUTPRINT50.

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