J.M. (Manoel) Freire Guimarães

J.M. (Manoel) Freire Guimarães



As part of the zEPHYR project, a Marie-Curie sponsored consortium, his main research topic is aeroacoustic modeling of diffuser-augmented rotors using a low-fidelity approach. The final goal is to perform aerodynamic and aeroacoustic optimization of diffuser-augmented devices at both steady and unsteady conditions, considering yaw misalignment and turbulent inflow conditions.


Manoel has a background in noise and vibration control using numerical and experimental approaches. He worked for three years as a researcher in the Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory (LVA) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, modeling the vibroacoustic problems resulting from the multiphase flow expansion in refrigerators.

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