J. Pan

J. Pan



Jingna is a PhD candidate working in Wind Energy Section, Aerospace Engineering Department, TU Delft, who loves yoga and cycling. Before she started her PhD journey, she studied at China University of Petroleum since 2012. She majored in Environmental Equipment Engineering during the first four years, when she started to study fluid machinery and environmental knowledge. The basic study inspires her to learn in-depth. She became a MSc student majoring in Power Engineering. During the three years, she built an academic grounding about Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Solid Two-Phase Flow. With her endeavors to learn the specialist knowledge, she thrown herself to a research project, Dynamic Model of Catalyst Deposition and Phase Transition in the Flue Gas Turbine. By undertaking the research, for one thing, she largely broadened her intellectual horizon; for another, she enhanced skills in literature investigation, data analysis and interpretation of results to conduct productive researches, which, in her opinion, paved the way for her current study. Her desire to pursue advanced studies stems from a growing concern with the energy and efficiency, as well as with solving current problems. Currently, she works on a Lift-Drag combined Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) by a Eulerian-Larangian combined method, aiming at raising the computational efficiency and energy utilization. She believes that technology makes sense only when it serves some human purposes.

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