Ir. J.S. (Jeroen) Mens

Ir. J.S. (Jeroen) Mens


Jeroen's PhD research focuses on bottom-up urban development. That is, urban development activity initiated by non-conventional actors, aiming to create (e.g., social) values not foreseen by state or market, as part of larger organic urban development strategies.

Within his research analyses, Jeroen focuses on four aspects. The first is the actors involved. More specifically, the initiators of bottom-up urban development. Who are they? What are their characteristics? Which roles do they fulfill and what drives them? The second aspect concerns the processes of bottom-up urban development. What activities and strategies are deployed to achieve desired results? The third aspect concerns the merits of bottom-up urban development. What social, environmental, and economic values are created? And what (e.g., social) impact do bottom-up activities have? The last aspect involves the context in which bottom-up urban development emerges. Which contextual aspects influence this emergence and how do they affect those involved, the collaborative processes and what is aimed for?

The overall aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of bottom-up urban development and its implications for cities, urban societies and the domain of planning.

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