J. (Jordi) Viader Guerrero

J. (Jordi) Viader Guerrero



Jordi studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona and obtained an MA in philosophical criticism and argumentation from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Combining media and visual theory, philosophy of technology, political philosophy, and new media research practices his research mainly focuses on the social and political ontologies of digital technologies.


As a member of the AI DeMoS Lab, Jordi’s research is concerned with novel modes of political agency and subjectivation mediated by algorithmically curated feeds in social media. The AI DeMoS Lab focuses on developing AI for democracy by exploring how AI can help to find ways of coming together amid multiple perspectives and how can we help craft a space for public interaction and deliberation.

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  • 2023


    The First Workshop on Normative Design and Evaluation of Recommender Systems
    Sanne Vrijenhoek / Lien Michiels / Johannes Kruse / Alain Starke / Jordi Viader Guerrero / Nava Tintarev