Dr. L. (Laura) Cipriani

Dr. L. (Laura) Cipriani


Laura works in landscape urbanism and landscape architecture design projects in academic and professional environments.

Laura is a tenure track assistant professor at TU Delft and since 2012 and 2013 she has taught Landscape Architecture and Landscape Urbanism at Venice University IUAV and at Politecnico di Milano. She also taught at NUS National University Singapore, at Venice International University VIU and at Padova University. Since 2014 she holds the Italian Associate Professorship registration and was a EU Marie Curie researcher at the University of Trento.

Professional activity is supported by a constant commitment in research and teaching. Her research interest is currently focused on landscapes of crisis – territories and cities affected by environmental, economic, and social crisis. In the past she dealt with airport and industrial landscapes.

Laura received a Ph.D. in Urbanism in 2008 from Venice University IUAV Ph.D. School, a Master’s degree (M.Des.) with distinction focused on landscape and urban studies from Harvard University GSD in 2004 (attended with a grant), and Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Architecture with honors from Venice University IUAV in 2001.

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