M.C.J. (Maarten) Koreman

M.C.J. (Maarten) Koreman


Maarten Koreman (1994) is a PhD candidate at the department of Management of the Built Environment, which is based at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. He has a background in Human Geography (Utrecht University), Public Administration (Utrecht University) and Global Economic History (London School of Economics & Leipzig University) 

In his research, he investigates the future of the Dutch countryside. What future strategies can rural regions and their inhabitants develop? How can they maintain or create growth in terms of economy, population and ecology? And what role do stakeholders on multiple levels have in this process? It are these kind of questions which Maarten tries to answer. His research deals with global challenges such as urbanisation and the effects of the Corona pandemic, as well as local challenges such as the Dutch nitrogen crisis and the political representation of rural and urban areas. The H2020 project on 'Ruralization', in which TU Delft has a leading role, forms the background of the PhD research which Maarten Koreman conducts.

Maarten's main research topics are the following:

  • Urban political privileges and their effects on urban and rural areas
  • Future work and residential plans of young people
  • Rural development and the role of rural newcomers in this process
  • Farm diversification and its contribution to rural areas
  • The role of governance in regional economic and demographic development




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