Dr. M. de Jong

Dr. M. de Jong


(From my Linkedin profile)

I work on coordinating the TU Delft's efforts to make campus education less dependent on commercial teaching materials and instead foster a culture of publishing and sharing open educational resources between teachers and involve students in the creation and curation of educational resources.
I do this out of the TU Delft Library, where I am a co-lead for the Open Education project of the TU Delft Open Science programme, together with Nicole Will.

Currently we are working on a variety of projects that focus on publishing and sharing open educational resources effectively. At the same time we are researching and piloting different initiatives where students co-create and contribute to these resources, together with their teachers.
The TU Delft has recently published its Open Educational Resources policy, that is used as a basis for faculties and other institutes within TU Delft for working with open resources in education.
We use this policy document a basis to engage with faculty management to promote the adoption open education in faculty policy.

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