Dr. M.H. (Monique) Arkesteijn

Dr. M.H. (Monique) Arkesteijn





Making value defensible to create a better built environments is my mission.

I am specialised in Corporate Real Estate (CRE) alignment. CRE is different from commercial real estate, which focuses on return on investment (supply side); whereas CRE supports the primary process (demand side). A long-standing issue in CRE is the alignment of an organization’s real estate to its corporate strategy, where many opt for optimum added value. In CRE decision making, traditionally there is a strong financial focus, thus making other non-financial value indefensible. In my work I am using the stakeholder approach, taking into account all values both financial, objective and subjective, intangible values, and combining them in a new single-valued objective function. The innovative Preference-based Accommodation Strategy approach (PAS) that I developed in my PhD made value defensible by redefining value as technically equivalent to preference and using a design and decision approach for the alignment problem.  PAS is a major improvement to CRE alignment because stakeholders’ values are integrated explicitly in the algorithm and separate from the objective measurements (as CO2 emission or m2). and thereby creating the best (working) environment for people. 

My work family besides MBE TU Delft is CoreNet Global, in which I am proudly served on the Global Board.

You can also find me on linked-in or twitter or research gate or orcid

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