Dr. M. Lourenço Baptista

Dr. M. Lourenço Baptista


Márcia L. Baptista is an Assistant Professor at the Aerospace Engineering faculty at TU Delft in the Dept. of Air Transport and Operations.


M.L. Baptista is interested in Prognostics and Health Management, Machine Learning, explainable AI (xAI) and Predictive Maintenance (PM). 

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M. L. Baptista completed Computer Science degree at the University of Lisbon she was awarded the 2003/2004 best course student distinction. She has been granted a national PhD grant in 2015 and received a PhD degree cum laude from MIT Portugal in Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing in 2018. With extensive experience in the industry and research, she works to solve concrete real-world problems of companies such as Embraer, Portugalia, Azur, Rolls Royce and KLM. She is the author of several Q1 journal papers and recipient of several best paper awards at international conferences. She was an invited researcher at international Labs such as NASA Prognostics Center of Excellence with Kai Goebel and at Helmut Prendinger’ Lab at the National Institute of Informatics in Japan. 

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