Dr. M.M. (Marcin) Dabrowski



  • Regional and urban development  
  • Sub-national government and multi-level governance
  • EU cohesion policy  
  • Urban climate change adaptation
  • The nexus between spatial planning and flood risk management in cities
  • Social acceptance issues in energy transition
  • Waste management and circular economy 
  • Knowledge transfer and policy mobility


I am an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Spatial Planning and Research at the Department of Urbanism. My academic interests span across regional, urban and policy studies and include such topics as regional and urban development policies, urban climate change adaptation, waste management and circular economy, energy transition, (multi-level) governance or international policy transfer.

I graduated from Sciences Po in Paris and completed my PhD at the University of the West of Scotland.  I worked as a researcher at the European Policies Research Centre (University of Strathclyde) and at the University of Vienna. I am actively involved in the activities of the Regional Studies Association (RSA), among others by coordinating the RSA Research Network on EU Cohesion Policy and acting as an editor or one of the RSA's journals - Regional Studies, Regional Science (RSRS).      

Individual grants and awards: Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, RSA Early Career Grant, Urban Knowledge Network Asia grant, RSA Early Career Excellence Award.

EU-funded research: H2020 COHESIFY, H2020 REPAiR, ESPON COMPASS.


Geselecteerde publicaties

Dąbrowski, M., & Lingua, V. (2018). Introduction: historical institutionalist perspectives on European spatial planning. Planning Perspectives,  Download

Dąbrowski, M., & Piskorek, K. (2018). The development of strategic spatial planning in Central and Eastern Europe: between path dependence, European influence, and domestic politics. Planning Perspectives,  Download

Chan, F. K. S., Joon, C. C., Ziegler, A. D., Dabrowski, M., & Varis, O. (2018) Towards resilient flood risk management for Asian coastal cities: lessons learned from Hong Kong and Singapore. Journal of Cleaner Production, 187(20), 576-589. Download

Dąbrowski, M., Musiałkowska, I., Polverari, L. (2018) Introduction: drawing lessons from international policy transfer initiatives in regional and urban development and spatial planning, Regional Studies, 52(9), 1165-1168. Download

Dąbrowski, M., Musiałkowska, I., Polverari, L. (2018) EU–China and EU–Brazil policy transfer in regional policy, Regional Studies, 52(9), 1169-1180. Download

Dąbrowski, M. (2018) Boundary Spanning for Governance of Climate Change Adaptation in Cities: Insights from a Dutch Urban Region, Environment and Planning C: Politics & Space, 36(5), 837-855. Download

Baun, M., Marek, D., Dąbrowski, M. (2017) The challenge of implementing EU Environmental Law in the New Member States: The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive in the Czech Republic and Poland. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 35(6), 1117-1135. Download

Francesch-Huidobro, M., Dąbrowski, M., Tai, Y.,  Chan, F.,  Stead, D. (2017) Governance challenges of flood-prone delta cities: Integrating flood risk management and climate change in spatial planning. Progress in Planning, 114, pp. 1-27. Download

Dąbrowski, M., Graziano, P. R. (2016) ‘EU Cohesion Policy and Europeanisation’, in S. Piattoni, L. Polverari, Handbook on Cohesion Policy in the EU, Cheltenham / Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, pp. 79-91. More info

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