M. (Mia) Pupić Vurilj

M. (Mia) Pupić Vurilj


PhD candidate working on the "CHANCE: Climate cHange impActs on extreme sea levels iN Coastal watErs" project, funded by the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO).

Due to their environmental and socioeconomic impacts, Mia's research is focused on extreme sea level variability at regional scales. The study will be done by downscaling the global extreme sea level projections to regional scales using novel hybrid methods, through multiple case studies that represent different environmental settings around the globe. More specifically, the physical aspects (atmospheric, oceanographic, and geomorphological) of regional extreme sea level generation and propagation will be investigated by identifying different driving mechanisms of extreme sea levels and analysing their spatiotemporal variability, co-variability, and projections under future climate conditions.


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Academische achtergrond

Mia holds a BSc. in Physics (2020) and a MSc. in Environmental Physics (2022), both from the University of Split, Croatia. She presented parts of her master's thesis, 'The influence of atmospheric forcing on the interannual variability of the Adriatic mean sea level', at the EGU General Assembly 2022 and the EuroSea Annual Meeting 2022. Additionally, during her master's study she conducted a case study with her colleagues on the Mediterranean meteotsunamis of May 24 2021, and presented this research at the International Conference on Physical Aspects of Environment ICPAE 2022. In February 2023 she started as a PhD candidate at the Coastal Engineering section at TU Delft.

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