Dipl.-Ing. R.A. (Robert) Gorny

Dipl.-Ing. R.A. (Robert) Gorny


Robert A. Gorny is a transdisciplinary scholar, theorist, and lecturer at the Chair of Methods of Analysis an Imagination, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, where is teaching several research- and design-methodological courses. A graduate of the State Academy of Arts, Stuttgart (2009) and the Berlage Center for Advanced Studies, TU Delft (2014), his research aims at promoting an assemblage-theoretic, ecosystemic, and posthuman vision of built environments, their organization, workings, and genesis. 

Robert has recently defended his doctoral studies titled "A Flat Theory: Towards a Genealogy of Apartments, 1540–1752". Parts of this ongoing research are published and presented in topical essays such as “Towards a Relational Conception of Living Together/Apart” (2018), and several papers with a theoretical focus on architecture's technicity as a boundary-drawing practice, including “Reclaiming What Architecture Does” (2018), and "A Diagrammatic Cartography of Discourses on Architectures of Life and Death" (2021). His ongoing research aims to generalize the dissertation's assemblage-theoretic extension of genealogical modes of historical inquiry into a wider framework for studying the historical formation of built environments, under the working title "Worlding Theory: A General Organology of Built Environments".

Since 2016, he is a member of the editorial board of the peer-reviewed Dutch architecture theory journal Footprint. As editor for Footprint, he has co-edited an issue with a thematic focus on “Trans-Bodies / Queering Spaces” (Winter 2017), and is currently editing an issue focussing on "The Epiphylogenetic Turn" in the work of philosopher Bernard Stiegler (Spring 2022; forthcoming)

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