R.J. (Robbert Jan) van der Veen

R.J. (Robbert Jan) van der Veen


Ir. Robbert Jan van der Veen (1981) is an designteacher and lecturer from the section Urban Design and founder of ECHO Urban Design from Rotterdam.

Robbert Jan transforms and designs layered urban Landscapes as a grand gesture and develops supporting design principles that ensures the sublime integration of Urban planning, landscape architecture and architecture.

In this way we can convert the major tasks such as climate adaptation, enhance biodiversity, social inclusion and new mobility into a special and beatific living, working and playing environment for all people who have a demand and need for it.

Robbert Jan is involved as lead urban designer in well-known transformation assignments such as ZOHO Rotterdam, Manufacture Lausanne, Gaswerkareal Bern and Market Interspaces Prague.

Robbert Jan is also permanently engaged at the Technical University of Delft in the further development of the Urban Design field by teaching the Master courses, supervising graduates, giving lectures and contributing to further development and implementation of Urban Design methodology and principles into education, publications, seminars and books.

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