Dr.ir. R.L.J. Helmons

Dr.ir. R.L.J. Helmons



Currently, dr. ir. Helmons' focus is on the physical processes related to dredging and seabed mining, involving mechanical and hydraulic excavation, hydraulic transport, separation, deposition and dry bulk handling.  In addition, he has extensive experience in the application of Discrete Element Method and is actively involved in system integration and sensor fusion for underwater systems. 


Dr. ir. Rudy Helmons started his professional career as a research engineer for soil-tool-water interactions at IHC MTI, the research department of Royal IHC, while simultaneously pursuing a PhD.In 2017, he defended his PhD research ‘cum laude’ on the topic of rock excavation under water for deep-sea mining, drilling and dredging applications. As of 2017, Rudy moved to the Maritime and Transport Technology department at 3ME, TU Delft in the research group of Dredging Engineering. As an assistant professor in offshore and dredging engineering, he is responsible for education and research related to subsea engineering and deep-sea mining. With a solid background in mechanical engineering and fluid mechanics, he has been most active in applied research for the dredging and offshore mining industry, mostly at the interface of the equipment, water and seabed. Rudy has been and still is involved in a number of deep-sea related projects, in EXHADERO3D, JPI-Oceans Mining Impact II, currently he is the project coordinator of Blue Harvesting (EIT Raw Materials upscaling project) and PLUMEFLOC (NWO). As of 2021, Rudy is also adjunct associate professor for deep sea mining at NTNU, Norway. His main research interests include: soil-water-machine interactions, near-field turbidity flows, (selective) excavation processes.

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