R. Mirzadarani MSc

R. Mirzadarani MSc



Over the last few decades, renewable energy resources have gained enormous significance in many countries around the globe. While renewable resources are vastly available, the challenge here is to harness and transport those resources effectively. These require more effective power converters to meet such systems' fast and unpredictable dynamics. 

One of the most exciting aspects of electrical engineering for me is the incredible range of technologies critical to creating state-of-the-art power conversion equipment, including power semiconductors, switching circuit topologies, electric machines and actuators, digital real-time control, and sensors. However, during my bachelor's degree, as an electronics bachelor student, I tended to focus on power electronics as my area of interest. After graduation, I felt I needed to deepen my knowledge of power electronics. I had an insight into "Electronics", but it was essential for me to learn more about "Power"; thus, I started my study as a master's degree student of power systems. 

After graduation, I continued my career as a full-time researcher at the Isfahan University of Technology. I have researched, analysed, and designed various transformers for DC/DC converters, high-voltage applications, and power electronics solutions and developed and tested multiple products.

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