S. (Sugandha) Chauhan

S. (Sugandha) Chauhan


Sugandha is a part of DEMOSES project funded by NWO. DEMOSES is a consortium of Dutch universities, research institutions and private industry aimed at modelling integrated energy systems to provide insights into design of regulations to support market parties, energy network operators and government entities with energy transition. Sugandha is working on modelling flexibility options in wholesale and retail energy markets in integrated energy systems. Her work involves analysis of pricing mechanisms, network tariffs and taxes, subsidies and other financial incentives that affect adoption of technologies and practices for providing flexibility. Further, her work includes coupling of wholesale electricity market model with transmission system model and private industry energy infrastructure models to assess the impact of regulations in stimulating development of cost-efficient flexibility mix for the energy system.

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Sugandha is a PhD candidate in Energy and Industry group at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. She holds a BE in environmental engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India and Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, USA. She also has 8 years’ work experience in energy modelling and renewable energy consulting in India and USA.

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