Dr.ir. T.A. (Tom) Daamen

Dr.ir. T.A. (Tom) Daamen


Planning and (re)development strategies for waterfront areas in seaport regions: governance, management, PPPs.

Research Focus

Tom's work focuses on understanding the forces driving waterfront change in the world's largest seaport cities. He develops principles and tools for managing complex waterfront projects through interdisciplinary collaboration. His recent work links questions of port-urban governance and planning to economic innovation and climate change issues.

Recent publications (selection)

  1. Daamen, T.A. & E. Louw (2016), ‘The Challenge of the Dutch Port-City Interface’. Tijdschrift voor de Sociale en Economische Geografie, 107(5), 642-651
  2. Verheul, W.J. & T.A. Daamen (2014), ‘Stedelijke ontwikkeling als een emergente adaptieve strategie’. Bestuurswetenschappen, 68(3), 68-88
  3. Daamen, T.A. & I. Vries (2013), ‘Governing the European Port-City Interface: Institutional Impacts on Spatial Projects between City and Port’. Journal of Transport Geography, 27(Feb), 4–13
  4. Heurkens, E., Daamen, T. & Pol, P. (2015), Faciliteren als basis: lessen uit Rotterdam, Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Magazine, 33(1-2), 30-33
  5. Daamen, T.A. & W.J. Verheul (2014), ‘Stelling: Zuidas is de laatste grote gebiedsontwikkeling in Nederland’. Rooilijn, 47(5), 316-317.

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