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Research profile

In my current research, I am integrating the waste prevention and value delivery theories from lean management  into corporate real estate management (CREM). I call this leanCREM. Here, waste refers to the use of more than needed and unwanted output. Corporate real estate (CRE) is a business asset for companies that consumes tangible and intangible resources. Waste prevention can be seen as one of the added values of CREM: less energy, less emissions, less wasted human resources while supporting the strategic objectives and activities of the organisations. My passion is to move the CREM industry towards near-zero waste.

Central questions that motivate me in leanCREM research:

  • How to prevent the waste while retaining the use-value of RE?
  • How is waste currently prevented in CREM?
  • What is waste in CREM?
  • What is the root cause of waste in CREM?
  • How to use near-zero waste systems from other fields (such as health care, construction, car industry) in CREM?
  • How to achieve and maintain the near-zero approach?


I work as an Assistant Professor in Real Estate Management (1st of March 2016-) at Department of Management in the Built Environment at TU Delft. I have a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Economics (2008) and a Doctoral Degree in Real Estate Management (2013) from Aalto University, Finland, from the Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics. Before my position at TU Delft, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University.

I have been a teacher on Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses, developed curriculums, established research projects and accomplished a post-graduate degree in teacher education. Before the academic career, I worked with real estate transactions. 

Key publications

For more publications, please see my Google Scholar profile (scholar.google.com/citations)

Jylhä, T. (2013) Creating Value of Waste? Evaluating the Production of Real Estate Services with Lean Thinking, doctoral dissertation, Aalto University, available at:
lib.tkk.fi/Diss/2013/isbn9789526053455/isbn9789526053455.pdf (15 January 2014).

Jylhä, T. & Junnila, S. (2014) The State of Value Creation in the Real Estate Sector – Lessons from Lean Thinking, Property Management, Vol. 32 No. 1, pp. 28-47.

Jylhä, T. & Junnila, S. (2014) Partnership Practices and their Impact on Value Creation – Reflections from Lean Management, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, Vol. 18 No. 1, pp. 56-65.

Jylhä, T. & Junnila, S. (2013) Learning from Lean Management – Going beyond Input-Output Thinking, Facilities, Vol. 31 No.11/12, pp. 454-467.

Jylhä, T. & Junnila, S. (2011) The End-Customer Value Loss in a Construction Project, Lean Construction Journal, special issue 2011, pp. 69-81.

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