Dr. T. (Trayana) Tankova

Dr. T. (Trayana) Tankova



AMConstruction - Additive manufacturing in steel construction

INNO3DJOINTS -Innovative 3D joints for robust and economical hybrid tubular construction, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Grant Agreement 749954 

STROBE – Stronger Steels in the Built Environment, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Grant Agreement 743504 

SAFEBRICTILE - Standardization of Safety Assessment Procedures across Brittle to Ductile Failure Modes, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Grant Agreement nº RFSR-CT-2013-00023 

TAPERSTEEL - Stability design of non-uniform steel members, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Grant Agreement PTDC/ECM-EST/1970/2012


Steel structures, Stability, Reliability, Additive manufacturing


Trayana Tankova joined the Steel and Composite Structures Group at TU Delft in August 2022 as an assistant professor. Her research covered codification and analytical methods, reliability of design rules and their validation based on experimental tests, advanced numerical modelling in the context of member design and joint performance, and additive manufacturing using WAAM process. At TU Delft, she focuses on additive manufacturing for infrastructure and offshore applications, including topology optimisation and incorporation of data-driven prediction models.


  • ECCS Technical Committee 8 – Stability
  • CT 220 – Additive Manufacturing, Portuguese mirror group of ISO/TC 261
  • CT 115/SC3 – Portuguese mirror group for Eurocode 3

Key publications

Tankova T., Craveiro H.D., Silva, L.C., Ribeiro, F.F., Simões R., Costa R., Martins, C., Simões da Silva L. (2022). Behaviour of plug-and-play joints between rhs columns and cfs trusses, Structures, 41, 1719-1745.

Tankova T., Rodrigues F., Simões da Silva L. (2022). Buckling curve selection for high strength steel members. Thin-walled structures, 177, 109430

Pires J.N., Azar A. S., Nogueira F., Zhu C., Branco R., Tankova T. (2022). The role of robotics in additive manufacturing: review of the am processes and introduction of an intelligent system. Industrial robot, 49, 311-331 

Schaper L., Tankova T., Simões da Silva L., Knobloch M. (2022). A novel residual stress model for welded I-sections. Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 188, 107017

Tankova, T., Simões da Silva, L., Balakrishnan M., Rodrigues D., Launert B., Pasternak H., Tun T.Y. (2019). Residual stresses in welded I section steel members. In: Engineering Structures, 197, 109398

Tankova T., Simões da Silva L., Marques L., (2018). Buckling resistance of non-uniform steel members based on stress utilisation: General formulation, In: Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 149, pp. 239-256

Simões da Silva, L., Tankova, T., Marques, L, Rebelo, C., Taras A. (2018). Safety assessment of Eurocode 3 stability design rules for the lateral-torsional buckling of beams. In: Advanced Steel Construction – an International Journal, 14 (4), pp. 668-693

Tankova, T., Marques, L., Simões da Silva, L., Andrade, A. (2017). A consistent methodology for the out-of-plane buckling resistance of prismatic beam-columns, In: Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 128, pp. 839-852

Tankova, T., Simões da Silva, L., Marques, M., Rebelo, C., Taras, A. (2014). Towards a standardised procedure for the safety assessment of stability design rules, In: Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 103, pp. 290-302

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