Dr. V. (Vahid) Arbabi


Extracurricular activities

  • Elsevier Editorial System (EES) for the journal of Biomechanics
  • Awarded a scholarship for my PhD from ministry of Science Research and Technology of Iran
  • Member of Scientific Committee, 18th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Sharif  University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • Research project: Effects of Dust Storm on 660kW Wind Turbine and on its Performance (Case Study:  Sistan Region)
  • Selected as a Top Researcher in Faculty of Engineering, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran
  • Member of Iran Composites association
  • Collaboration on installation of the first wind turbine in Sistan region of Iran.  
  • Administrator and member of Scientific Committee, First National Congress on Wind Energy and its Applications, Zabol, Iran
  • Member of Renewable Energies Committee of University of Zabol

Recent courses

  • Time Management, first things first

  • Effective negotiation: win-win communication

  • Operating Electropulse E10000 (Linear-Torsion Floor Test Instrument includes load frame, patented linear motor/torsion actuator, displacement & force transducer set), use of software Console and Wavematrix

  • Summer school on biomechanics: Trends in modelling and simulation

  • COMSOL training workshops

  • How to become effective in a network conversation

  • Training course for nanoindentation test


Teaching Experience

University of Zabol & Azad university of Zabol, Iran

  • Engineering statics and dynamics
  •  Strength of materials
  •  Machine element design
  •  Mechanical vibrations
  •  hydraulic 


  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Extensive experience in FEM software such as ABAQUS, FEBio, ANSYS, COMSOL and LS-DYNA
  • ABAQUS user subroutine
  • Programming experience in Matlab, C++, Python, Fortran and Maple
  • Experienced in Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
  • Experienced in Finite element-based structural optimization
  • Simulation of tissue as a viscoelastic, biphasic, biphasic-solute and multiphasic material
  • Image Processing expertise
  • Designing mechanical tests
  • Experienced in CAD software such as Mechanical Desktop and SolidWorks
  • Experienced in Microsoft Office and Latex
  • Multi-task working

Google scholar


Selected Publications

  • V. Arbabi, B. Pouran, H. Weinans, A.A. Zadpoor. Estimation of fixed charge density in cartilage using multiphasic modelling of finite bath (under review in Journal of Biomechanics)
  • P.R. Moshtagha, B. Pourana, J. van Tielc, J.Raukera, M.R. Zuiddamd, F.W.A. Dirned, V. Arbabia, N.Korthagen, H.Weinansa,  A.A. Zadpoor. Micro- and nano-mechanics of osteoarthritic cartilage: the effects of tonicity and disease severity (Under revision)
  • V. Arbabi, B. Pouran, H. Weinans, A.A. Zadpoor. Transport of neutral solute across articular cartilage: the role of zonal diffusivities. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. J Biomech Eng. 2015 Jul 1;137(7)
  • V. Arbabi, B. Pouran, G. Campoli, H. Weinans, A.A. Zadpoor. Determination of the mechanical and physical properties of cartilage by coupling poroelastic-based finite element models of indentation with artificial neural networks. Medical Engineering and Physics (Under revision)
  • V. Arbabi, B. Pouran, H. Weinans, A.A. Zadpoor. Coupled Finite Element Model-artificial Neural Networks Can Predict Mechanical Properties Of Articular Cartilage. ORS Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2015.
  • B. Pouran, V. Arbabi, J.A. Villamar, A.A. Zadpoor, H. Weinans. Contrast Agent’s Transport across Healthy Articular Cartilage under Various Bath Conditions. ORS Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2015.
  • V Arbabi, G Campoli, H Weinans, AA Zadpoor. Estimation of cartilage properties using indentation tests, finite element models, and artificial neural networks. 11thWorld Congress on Computational Mechanics -5th European Conference on Computational Mechanics, 2014.
  • V. Arbabi, G. Campoli, H. Weinans, A.A. Zadpoor. Nanoindentation-based estimation of cartilage properties using artificial neural networks trained with finite element data. Simulia BENELUX Regional User Meetings, Hoeven, Netherlands, 2013. (invited speaker)
  • M. M. Keikha, M Safari, S Heisiattalab, V Arbabi. An investigation into the effect of die temperature and heat treatment on A360 properties produced by the semi-solid forming and cooling slope method.  Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2011;Volume 225, Number 3: 377-383. (ISSN 09544054)
  • V. Arbabi, I. Ebrahimzadeh, H. Ghanbari. Homogeneity of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Horizontal Continuous Cast Billet. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 78, 2011,167-169, (ISSN:2010-3778)
  • M. M. Kaykha, A. Kamarei, M. Safari, V. Arbabi. Semisolid Structure and Parameters for A360 Aluminum Alloy Prepared by Mechanical Stirring. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology,2011;73:1853-1856. (ISSN:  2010376)
  • V. Arbabi, I. Ebrahimzadeh. Effects of Wall Thickness on Microstructures and Properties of α/β Brasses Pipes Produced by Horizontal Continuous Casting.  International Journal of Cast Metal Research, 2010; 23( 3): 150-57. (ISSN: 13640461)
  • V. Arbabi, I. Ebrahimzadeh. Effect of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of Horizontal Continuous Cast Billet. Latest Trends on Engineering Mechanics, Structures, Engineering Geology, Greece.  2010; 326-330. (ISSN: 1792-4294, ISBN: 978-960-474-203-5)
  • S. Heisiyat talab, M. Shakeri, V. Arbabi, M.M. Keikha. Study of Ethanol Fuel Cell Performance.  The First Iranian Conference on Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation, Birjand, Iran, March 2010. (in Persian)

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