Dr.ir. W.A.A.M. (Wim) Bierbooms

Dr.ir. W.A.A.M. (Wim) Bierbooms



I graduated in 1986 at the TU Eindhoven at the faculty of Applied Physics. I joined the Section of Wind Energy later that year. I have been involved in projects concerning the design and dynamics of wind turbines (Indymo, Duwecs, Focus, WindSim, Lawine) as well as offshore wind energy (Opti-Owecs, Dowec, Flow, Innwind). Currently I am focusing on wind field simulation (Swing, NewGust) and I am responsible for the MSc course Site Conditions for Wind Turbine Design


  • wind field simulation
  • gust modelling
  • wind conditions
  • extreme loading
Research on wind conditions


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