W. (Wirawan) Agahari

W. (Wirawan) Agahari



Safe-DEED  (Safe Data-Enabled Economic Development) brings together partners from cryptography, data science, business innovation, and legal domain to focus on improving Security technologies, improving trust as well as on the diffusion of Privacy enhancing technologies. Furthermore, as many companies have no data valuation process in place,  Safe-DEED  provides a set of tools to facilitate the assessment of data value, thus incentivising data owners to make use of the scalable cryptographic protocols developed in  Safe-DEED  to create value for their companies and their clients.


  • Best research-in-progress paper at the European Conference in Information Systems (ECIS) 2022

Andere Activiteiten

  • Chair of the ICT colloquium (2019-2020)


Broadly speaking, my interest lies in understanding the impact of emerging technologies on businesses' and citizens' attitudes around data. Within my PhD, I am specifically interested in investigating the meaning of Multi-Party Computation (MPC), which is one class of privacy-enhancing technology (PETs), on data sharing decisions by firms and citizens. My vision in the coming years is to mainstream MPC and PETs research within the Information Systems (IS) community by investigating what MPC means for:

  • Firms' resources and dynamic capabilities in enabling data-driven business model innovation
  • Architectural design and governance of privacy-enhancing data sharing
  • Inter-organizational collaboration and collective action in addressing grand challenges
  • Firms' and citizens' attitude towards data sharing


Wirawan Agahari (Aga) is an engineer turned researcher with 6+ years of experience in the telecommunication industry, government, tech startup, and research institution. Aga obtained his master degree in Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA) from TU Delft and a bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. Currently, Aga is researching the business model and governance implications of privacy-enhancing technologies for data sharing by businesses and citizens, focusing on multi-party computation (MPC). His research is part of of the  Safe-DEED project (Safe Data-Enabled Economic Development) funded by EU Horizon 2020. His work has been published in top-tier conferences (e.g., European Conference in Information Systems/ECIS, Bled eConference) and journals (e.g., Telematics and Informatics, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research/JTAER). Familiar with qualitative and quantitative research approaches, he looks forward to understanding why and how emerging technologies are changing businesses and citizens in a digitized society.


  • SEN1311 CoSEM Research Challenge (research theme leader)
  • ID5311TB Design Innovation 4.0 in Supply Networks (guest lecturer)
  • TB321IB Governance specialisatie (I en C) (guest lecturer)
  • SEN1641 Digital Platform Design (teaching assistant

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