Handling Rejections

It’s unlikely you will get an interview with every application but if you’re sending many CVs and not receiving a positive response, there might be a particular reason. Time for some reflection …

Look at the application forms and CVs that you have submitted. Always keep a copy of these and the job description for the post you applied for, plus any information from a company website. It will all be useful whether or not you get to the interview stage.

Think about the types of jobs that you are applying for. Are they a good fit with your qualifications, experience, skills and motivations? If so, have you targeted your applications and CVs, including identifying relevant evidence. If not, focus your energies on identifying more suitable opportunities.

Not getting through to the second stage

If you haven’t got through to the second stage, the best thing you can do is ask for some feedback from the first interview. It will help you see how you can improve.

Take reassurance from the fact that you got a first interview. Your initial application was effective and you may have been up against very tough competition for entry to the second stage. Think about all the positives from that interview experience and build on these for the future.

If your reflection makes you think that you need further help, then either work through other sections in the TU Delft Career Toolkit or request a meeting with a TU Delfts Career Counsellor for objective advice.

Not getting the job

If you have made it to the final stage of interview and they have offered the job to someone else. What can you do?

Firstly you should give yourself some credit for getting this far. Remember, all interview experience is valuable and can help you to refine your technique for next time. Taking time to think about your interview while it is still fresh in your mind can aid your future performance. Note what went well and what you could improve.

You can also ask for feedback from the people who interviewed you. If you are advised of the interview result by phone, you can ask there and then. Otherwise, contact the Human Resources department. Ask specifically about any areas of particular concern to you. Did you give a poor presentation or answer a particular question badly?

Comparing their assessment with your own will also show you how accurate your self-reflection is. Are there any surprises?

You may have done well in all areas but simply lost out to another candidate with more experience. Although frustrating, this does mean that you performed well, were employable and don't have any major areas to address for your next interview.