Evaluating Job Offers

Receiving a job offer can be exhilarating. Or, it may be slightly disappointing if the salary is less than you were expecting. Either way, it is in your best interest to slow down and fully consider your next steps.

Understand the timing

When you receive an offer, find out when the employer would like a decision. Usually a week time frame is acceptable. If, as you go through the evaluation, you feel you need more time to decide, you may ask for an extension. Organisations will often try to be accommodating, however, be prepared to explain why you need this extra time

Be thorough

Be careful not to let your emotions tempt you to accept or reject an offer on the spot. Thoroughly review the offer, the organisation and the job. After all, you will spend a significant number of hours per week at work, so you want your decision to be the right one.

Determine the right fit

Beyond salary, you want to know if the organisation will be right for you: a place where you will be reasonably happy and have access to opportunity.

Think about the organisation

People often underestimate the importance of how well their values align with those of their employers. However, aligned values can drive professional happiness and success. Clarify what is important to you and the organisation. Some other areas to consider include:

  • Opportunities for continued training
  • Assistance with continued professional education
  • Quality of life and personal time
  • Mentorship programs
  • Job security
  • Geographic location and opportunities for travel
  • Corporate culture
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Reputation
Consider the environment

What is the environment like? Your workspace? It is easier to be productive and creative when you are comfortable. Factors to consider include:

  • Commute to and from work and parking
  • Physical office space
  • Level of interaction with colleagues and supervisors
Consider everyday job satisfaction

What will your day-to-day job duties be? Even if the salary is impressive, you won’t enjoy yourself if the job functions are not aligned with your likes and interests. Employees often rank enjoying their job as more important than salary. Consider:

  • Level of challenge and responsibility
  • Opportunity to expand skills
  • Potential to grow within the job