Aanmelden voor vakken is van toepassing op vakken uit de bacheloropleidingen Computer Science & Engineering

As a CSE student, you have to register for all courses that you want to take during six months (a semester) in MyTUDelft. Only students who are enrolled as a CSE student or an EEMCS bridging student can register for courses from the bachelor CSE.

In the bachelor CSE, for the variant courses in the second year, for CSE2000 Software Project, and for CSE3000 Research Project registration does not go through MyTUDelft but through ProjectForum instead. For these courses separate information follows via the Brightspace page for Computer Science & Engineering.

For all other courses, you can register in MyTUDelft as follows:

Step 1: Prepare and choose your courses

Go to the study guide, search for your degree programme and make a note of the code of the courses you want to take during the following semester. A semester consists of two quarters.

We recommend that you do not register for more than 30 ECTS (combined total of all courses) per semester. This corresponds to a study load of 40 hours per week.

Step 2: Check your draft timetables

Go to Mytimetable and create your draft timetable. You will then see whether any of the commitments in your personal schedule class.

(Note: a draft timetable is subject to change and is not always available)

Step 3: Register for courses in MyTUDelft

Registration for your Q1 and Q2 courses opens two weeks before the start of the academic year, and for your Q3 and Q4 courses at the end of November.

  1. Login to MyTUDelft on a computer or via the MyTUDelft app.
  2. Go to > Register > Register via course code (not degree programme)
  3. Go through the steps and then click on Register.
  4. Check your (pre)registration in the overview of registrations in MyTUDelft. When you don't see your (pre)registration in the overview you need to try again.
  5. Repeat these steps for all the courses you wish to take.
Step 4: Check the status of your registrations
  1. Login to MyTUDelft on a computer or via the MyTUDelft app.
  2. Go to > Register > Overview of registrations.
  3. Check the status of your registrations, including pre-registrations.
Step 5: Taking courses

You will automatically be registered for the course’s Brightspace page once your registration has been finalised in MyTUDelft. The course will be visible in Brightspace once the lecturer has made it available.

  • Go to My timetable and create your definitive timetable, including all the courses you want to take. You will then always be able to check your latest timetable.
  • If the course includes examinations, you must register for these separately in MyTUDelft. For more information, see Registering for examinations.

Deregistering for courses

Cancel your registration for courses via MyTUDelft on a computer or via the MyTUDelft app.

  • Go to ‘Register > Overview of registrations’, select the course, click ‘Cancel registration’ and then click ‘OK’.
  • You can cancel registrations up to and including the last day of the quarter in which the course is offered.