The Master’s Thesis Project is assessed on the basis of a written report, an oral presentation and a defence. A Thesis Committee is responsible for the assessment of Master Thesis Projects, using a Thesis Assessment Grading scheme. SET uses its own Thesis Assessment Grading Scheme which can be found below. The other Master Programmes base their Grading scheme on the following four main criteria: 

  1. The quality of your work (research) (40% weight of the final grade), 
  2. Your performance (30%), 
  3. The report (20%) and 
  4. The presentation & defence (10%). 

The grades of the four main criteria are determined by the average of the grades of the subcriteria – calculated by using the grading scheme. The final grade is the weighted average of the four criteria, rounded to the nearest half. In order to pass, each of the partial grades must be 6.0 or higher.

You must have finished all your courses as stated in your approved IEP before you can present and defend your Thesis. At the defence you give a 40 minutes presentation and answers the questions of the thesis committee. The thesis committee determines the final grade. 4 Months after start, you should give a midterm presentation at a colloquium of the chosen specialisation.