Green Light

In the final phase of the thesis project, there will be a green-light review. During this meeting it is decided whether you are ready to proceed with the thesis defence, resulting in a "go/no-go". It is compulsory to have a (draft) thesis ready for the green-light review.

In case of a go, the Final Examination Form is handed in which will activate a check on the fulfilment of all requirements for getting a MSc diploma. The date for the presentation and defence of the thesis is set on the Final Examination Form.

SET programme

For the SET programme, please use the SET Final Examination Form.

Application form

Approval Board of Examiners

Deadline for handing in

Thesis Committee

No later than 2 months before the defence date

5 days prior to the meeting of the BoE

Final Examination Form

The first meeting after the defence date

1 month before the defence date


Other EEMCS programmes

For all other EEMCS master programmes, please use the EEMC Final Examination Form.


Handed in

Application form members thesis committee

At least 3 months prior to the perceived graduation date

Final examination (‘green light’) form

At least 6 weeks before the established graduation date