Offering an internship

At the EEMCS (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) faculty many students can do an internship as part of their curriculum. 

Bachelor students Electrical Engineering can do an internship minor (starting in September and ending in February) in their third and final bachelor year. This is a 5-month internship. 

Bachelor students of Computer Science do a software project in their second year of their bachelor. This project is for about 10 weeks. 

Master students can do a 2 - 3 month internship (often starting in summer but allowed throughout the year, but during the summer holiday there is no supervision from TU Delft. These students all have a bachelor degree in engineering. Students are highly motivated to gain practical experience. They are both national and international and the international students all have visa and are allowed to do an internship (no work permit required). Students can do an internship as part of the following study programmes:

Do you want to offer an internship position?

If you have an internship offer for a maximum period of 3 months, please send the ‘Internship Offer form’ to the Internship Office: When the offer is potentially suitable for our students it will be placed on our educational portal for students to see. 

If you have a thesis research internship offer, please contact the master coordinators which you can find via the “Contact us” tile on the webpages of the master programmes (links included above). 

If you have a Software Project offer, please make an account and fill in the form here

If you have a temporary job offer, this cannot go through our faculty. You can contact our student employment agencies STUD or Xtend ( or +31 (0)15 215 8148). 

You can also offer your internship in the TU Delft career center portal. More information can be found here.

Internship contract mandatory

TU Delft as well as all research Universities in the Netherlands (UNL) have introduced one standard internship agreement for internships at Dutch companies. The new internship agreement makes the arrangements between students, universities and internship organisations more straightforward.
As per now TU Delft will use this new model internship agreement for internships (“stages”, so not thesis projects/ afstudeerprojecten) at Dutch companies. The agreement can only be signed for internships that are part of the study programme of the student. We will not sign for internships that students do extracurricular. Please find the templates below (English and Dutch version). You can also find explanatory notes to the UNL model internship agreement below (English and Dutch version).

This agreement has been reached after extensive discussions with the business community and is based on Dutch law. Moreover, sector specific agreements that apply to academic education have been taken into account. By accepting the conditions set out in the attached template the universities’ independent educational position, the internship project of the student and company’s interest are all respected. With the conditions included in this model all parties can thus feel secure in signing this internship agreement without involving (external) legal expertise.

Within TU Delft it will be mandatory for all faculties to use this internship agreement. Therefore, please explicitly note that starting from January 2023 TU Delft’s wide implementation of this agreement will result in the replacement of all other internship agreements (for internships not research projects) we have entered with companies in the past for internships that will start as of January 2023.

You can find the contracts in Dutch and English below as well as an explanatory note. In case you have any questions you can contact the Internship Office: