Graduation Community Programme

Are you a master’s student at 3mE?
Will you be working on your thesis this academic year?
Then we have something you cannot resist!

Even though the master’s thesis is an individual journey you take to conclude your study programme, there are many other students headed towards the same destination as you. Therefore, our goal is to bring together all graduating master’s students within 3mE and create a cohesive community you can make lasting memories with.

Through interactive journey sessions, the Graduation Community Programme (GCP) at 3mE offers support and guidance on several aspects relevant to the master’s thesis, such as the practical, emotional, and social aspects. So, whether you are interested in maintaining a healthy relationship with your supervisor(s) or need help dealing with stress and fear of failure or simply want to find your own graduation buddies, the GCP is there for you.

The GCP consists of the following four main elements:

1. Kick-off 

The Kick-Off event marks the official start of the programme. This session is crucial for all members of the community because it enables them to form their own graduation groups. This is done after a series of icebreakers and getting to know each other. Then, the groups so formed define their own rules and activities for the time ahead in the programme.

All in all, the kick-off is a great opportunity to build connections that last throughout the thesis period.

2. Journey Sessions

Interactive sessions are held on various topics by differently qualified facilitators, from supervisors to counsellors and external experts. Some of these topics include Me & My Supervisor, Time Planning, and Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.

Journey sessions on popular topics like Time Planning, Literature Research, and Presentation Skills are open to all interested master’s students within 3mE, i.e., they are not restricted to the members of the GCP alone. This enables us to reach everyone in need, not just within the community but the entire faculty as a whole.

3. Social Activities

The community members also have the chance to meet and engage with fellow members through social events. This could vary from playing games to Christmas drinks or community lunches.  

4. Group Activities (organised by graduation groups)

Graduation groups formed at the kick-off are welcome to organise their own activities with their preferred frequency of occurrence. This could be anything between weekly meetings to work together on the thesis or monthly hangouts to share experiences and catch up with each other.


The GCP starts every November and March with a Kick-Off event, for which registration is required. All successful registrations lead to a membership of the community for the given academic year. More information on the registration process will be published (in due time) on the Brightspace-page of your master’s programme.

For queries or more details, please send an email to:
For latest updates about the GCP, enrol for our Brightspace-page here.