During most Master programmes at 3mE an internship is optional.

Bachelor students

The BSc programmes of 3mE do not include an internship.

Internship during your Master programme

Most Master programmes at 3mE include an option for an Internship, which can be done at a domestic of foreign organisation or university. Please have a look at the general ‘Internship’ page for the required forms. Contact your Master coordinator to explore the opportunities. The International Office can help you with the practical matters after your acceptance at your internship organisation.

Technical Medicine MSc students

The second year of the Master Technical Medicine (TM) consists of 4 clinical internships of 10 weeks each, the so called TM2-intersnhips. The goal of these internships is to position students in an intensive way in the work field and experience their own role in this work environment. During these internships students obtain clinically required skills and work on a medical technical research project. More information about these internships can be found on Study Guide and questions can be asked at

The third year of the Master Technical Medicine (TM) is the graduation year with the MSc thesis as major project. Before starting this final project students will have the option to do a “Practical internship” of 15 EC. The main aim of this internship is to give students the option to experience a different work environment of choice, for example to work at a company, to study abroad or to gain clinical experience at a healthcare institution. More information about these internships can be found on Study Guide and questions can be asked at

Finding an internship

AIESEC and IAESTE are organisations that can help you find an international internship. AIESEC is a worldwide organisation with a large international netwerks run by students and offers professional internships and volunteer projects. IAESTE is a worldwide network that offers you paid technical internships abroad, they also facilitate support with things like housing and documentation. There are also numerous commercial internship mediator companies that can help. You will not be awarded with ECTS by the TU Delft for these internships.


There are scholarships available for students that do an international internship. Students who go abroad within Europe can use an Erasmus Internship scholarship.Have a look at the ‘Funding & Scholarships’ page, at ScholarshipPortal and at WilWeg to see for which scholarships you qualify or contact the International Office 3mE.

Unfortunately the International Office 3mE has no Internship Office. If you want to do an Internship you have to organise this yourself. We are happy to help you and provide you with a checklist to find your way in finding and arranging an internship.

This checklist consists of 4 parts: Orientation, Preparations, During internship and Completion. You will be guided through each part by completing a number of steps on this site. The checklist is also available in this brief document.