Track Energy, Flow, and Process Technology

Students in the Energy, Flow and Process Technology (EFPT) track acquire the theoretical knowledge, numerical and experimental skills, and practical hands-on experience they need to develop the next generation of energy and process technologies. All EFPT students complete courses on fluid dynamics, equipment for heat and mass transfer, and applied thermodynamics. The elective portion of the EFPT course load allows students to tailor their degree to emphasize energy engineering, process engineering, or fluid mechanics, which provides a fundamental bridge between the first two topics.

Introduction week

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Information concerning the introduction program will be sent 2-3 weeks before the academic year starts.

The EFPT track is associated with the Process & Energy Department. In the first week of the academic year (usually the first week of September) the department hosts a compulsory introduction program for new students. The program introduces the curriculum, explains its organization and procedures, and presents all the options for putting together an individual study program. There are also tours of department facilities and social activities.

Start studiejaar / Start Academic year

4 september 2023

First Year

The first year consists of a set of courses common to all Mechanical Engineering tracks, a social or ethics course, track-specific courses, and individual electives.

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The EFPT track has no official specializations or focus areas. Instead, students select elective courses tailored to their interest, in collaboration with the track coordinator. 

Second Year

During the second year, students complete an internship of at least 10 weeks, followed by their MSc thesis project, which includes a literature study.

As a student, we expect you to take the lead in arranging both your internship and your graduation project. You are encouraged to proactively consult with staff members in the Process & Energy department whose research interests you.

Master Assignments

For more on Master Assignments have a look at the Department's website and in Brightspace.

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Dr. B.P. (Brian) Tighe